Key Hydrogen Launches The H2 Advantage, A Premier Hydrogen Location Analytics Site Selection Software

HOUSTON, Texas. – September 11th, 2023 — Key Hydrogen, an innovator of hydrogen intelligence solutions, announced today the official launch of The H2 Advantage, a hydrogen market analysis tool.

The H2 Advantage incorporates proprietary mapping datasets with a powerful visual mapping software to create global geo spatial maps that will give a clear competitive advantage to energy companies and investors seeking guidance on feedstock availability, off-taker opportunities, and the best hydrogen location analytics to maximize project profitability.

In a quote from Paul Rodden, a Senior Partner at Key Hydrogen, and the host of The Hydrogen Podcast. "The H2 Advantage flips site selection on its head. It’s a market analysis tool that will give you a roadmap to navigate the global hydrogen economy. We translate data into actionable intelligence and the H2 Advantage grows with you from a site selection tool into an asset management tool as your projects mature."

Benefit Highlights of The H2 Advantage Platform:

Legacy Energy Producers: Analyze asset portfolios for optimal hydrogen transition, highlighting the best financial return locations and nearby offtake opportunities.

Hydrogen Developers: Get a global view of the hydrogen landscape, pinpointing ideal development locations and infrastructure insights. It also emphasizes renewable power options for projects with additionality requirements.

Financial Advisors: Navigate the hydrogen market, assess potential offtake opportunities, and estimate derivative cash flows.

New Tech Companies: From site selection for demos and pilots to asset management for system monitoring and growth, H2 Advantage scales with your growth trajectory.

Decarbonizing Industries: Identify nearest hydrogen sources to kickstart your decarbonization objectives.

Services Companies: Explore a spectrum of opportunities across upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors in the hydrogen market.

As the global shift towards clean energy solutions accelerates, the necessity for advanced tools to navigate the hydrogen economy becomes evident. The H2 Advantage, by Key Hydrogen, stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering unprecedented insights that empower companies to make informed and lucrative decisions. As industries grapple with the challenges of site selection and asset management, The H2 Advantage promises to be an indispensable ally, driving efficiency and profit, while aligning with the global ambition of a cleaner, greener future. This launch solidifies Key Hydrogen's commitment to innovation in the hydrogen sector and its contribution to the energy community.

For more information on The H2 Advantage or to schedule a demonstration, please contact William Rutledge at the provided contact details.

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