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William Rutledge has 21 years of communications, public relations and marketing experience. A serial entrepreneur, he successfully launched and exited a tech company in 2006. He then started a digital marketing agency that focused on brand strategy, digital marketing, e-commerce, and paid advertising for the legal and financial industries. In 2013, he pivoted the business to exclusively focus on building e-commerce brands internally. He developed multiple product lines and negotiated with factories in the US, China, Vietnam and India to source and manufacture high quality goods. In 2021, William started The Hydrogen Podcast with co-creator Paul Rodden and implemented a digital strategy that would see explosive global growth and take the top spot as the #1 ranked podcast on Hydrogen. In 2022, recognizing the incredible opportunity of hydrogen, Paul and William launched Key Hydrogen to start producing hydrogen in Texas and build out a modular hydrogen infrastructure that will connect the United States.


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