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Paul Rodden - Paul Rodden has 20 years in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data management, and business development primarily focused on the oil and gas and energy industries.  His recent professional associations have been with Silverbow Resources, Guggenheim Securities, Gulf Energy, and WSB Associates.  Although his day to day activities have centered around traditional energy, the economics of the Hydrogen industry has always been a topic of interest. In March of 2020 he worked alongside Exxon’s hydrogen team to develop the world’s first commercial hydrogen dataset. During the development cycle of the dataset, Paul gained unique insights into the hydrogen market and its rise as the energy transition leader. This led Paul to begin consulting on hydrogen opportunities and connecting operators and investors with potential hydrogen solutions. He is also the host of The Hydrogen Podcast where he speaks to the continuing development of the industry and gives unique insights into the market, overviews of hydrogen economics, and new technologies that are ongoing in the space.


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